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Interview with Hristo Georgiev

4 years ago

Instant communication can put me under a little pressure sometimes so I’ve been relying more on the asynchronous method lately

Hristo Georgiev is a freelance digital creator but he has recently started his own brand called "MAD Stories". MAD stands for Marketing and Advertising and it's (still) a company of one where the goal is rather a sustainability than growth.

Learn more about MAD Stories.

A few words about yourself?

I love making videos, riding my single speed bike, moving my body, and exploring the creative life. I always aim to break the habit and try different approaches and routines.

Do you usually work remotely or only due to the pandemic?

Yes! This has been my dеfаult way of work since last summer. I have also worked remotely at my previous jobs.

When did you start and what challenges did you face in the beginning?

The first time I tried remote work was in 2017 while I was working for Tavex Group. I was already working “flexible hours” and taking some home office but it was when I left Bulgaria for six months switching to entirely remote working. Then, I actually experienced the real “remote working”.

What are your pros and cons of remote work?

Pros: freedom, time management, concentration, productivity, no time wasted.
Cons: it can get lonely.

What is your workspace setup?

Well, it depends but here is a picture. Some monitors and hard drives can be added and there are days when I mostly use my camera gear.

Hristo's home workspace

What is your typical day like?

It varies a lot because there are times when I would spend a whole day out shooting on a set, meeting clients, or traveling.

Experimenting with morning routines and habits is another thing that I love doing a lot. I just finished with 30 days of cold morning showers challenge and now I am trying to introduce a short meditation practice in my mornings.

Besides that: wake up, breakfast, morning pages (or freewriting) a huge chunk of concentrated and creative work, a walk, a coffee, a workout, socializing and more work.

I have consciously chosen this way of working and living because overall sameness can reaaaally get me bored, but I also love the saying that “Routine, in an intelligent man, is a sign of ambition”.

How do you stay focused and healthy?

By concentrating on building good habits. e.g. regular exercising and a lot of movement, good food, not too much coffee, journaling, listening to a lot of podcasts etc.

What collaboration and communication tools do you use?

I use a lot of social media, so a big part of my communication is happening there. I definitely prefer to communicate with clients by email and recently have started to use Zoom for conference calls etc.

Instant or asynchronous communication?

It depends but instant communication can put me under a little pressure sometimes so I’ve been relying more on the asynchronous method lately.

Would you change anything in your regular working routine once the pandemic is over?

Yes! I’ve started to do more face to face meetings.

What is the funniest place where you've had to get your laptop open?

On the trunk of my car while it was getting repaired...

No-pants, pajamas or regular clothing?

Regular sweatpants or shorts. :D

Would you like to add anything else?

“As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.”
— Rumi

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